Saturday, January 22, 2011

Stolen Moments

She rocked back and forth, awash in the inexorable pleasure of the moment; impaled on his thick cock, running her slender hands over his impressive torso. His chest hair tickled her fingers, a stark contract to the muscles of his chest and stomach, like down-covered steel.

Touching him pleased her, it added sensations to her fingertips that drove her further towards orgasm. The journey her fingers took only intensified the way her sex felt, wrapped around him, stretching her as she rode him. He glistened with sweat, beneath her, tense and watchful. As though she pleasured him almost to the point of cumming, as he made a commendable attempt to prolong these precious moments.

She felt her own release mounting. To save them both she rode up and gloriously down only once more before she stilled. In the pause she bent her head to kiss him, savouring the fullness of his lips and the heat of his mouth. The exchange made her weak with desire, doing nothing to cool the fires that raged within her. She whimpered.

Making the most of his slight, momentary advantage, he drove his hips up into her softness, taking her by surprise. He lifted his head eagerly and licked at her nipple. For Cara it was too much, she knew she had to do something to alter their coupling immediately and interupt the tell-tale tingling. She needed to steer herself from the point-of-no-return.
In a swift movement she planted feet either side of his wide frame. Without breaking contact with his impressive meat she shifted, choosing to pleasure them both from a deeper angle, squatting on his cock. She lifted herself off her lover until she was poised with only the tip resting in her wetness, before slowly taking in his length once more. He eyed her with delight. As she continued to stroke, he cupped her fleshy rear, raising and lowering her onto his glistening pole, a wry smile touching his full lips.
His green eyes met her brown ones, she noted his pupils were so dilated with lust his irises was almost black. She revelled in the knowledge that this is what she did to him, in her arms he had become a lustful, carnal beast of a man. He growled and caught her nipple between his lips. She almost laughed but he chose that moment to again participate, impaling her, again and again; gaining the upper hand, flaunting his superior strength over her feminine whiles.
Finally she shifted, drawing herself back onto her knees, about to resume a steady pace atop his solid frame but he rolled them both and thrust into her, lifting her leg for ultimate penetration. The action caught her by surprise.
He smiled down at her, drowning in her pleasure, using a thick finger to slide between them and gently rub her clitoris. She whimpered.
Cara was light-headed, lost in pleasure, the bubble of orgasmic pleasure steadily building and filling her. It was like being fucked by a god, she thought, not a mere mortal. Such was his pleasure at her pleasure and the feel of his solid, muscled body. As Cara met his eyes, he stroked and she abruptly orgasmed on his pleasure- pole.
In the wake of her release her inner muscles clasped and unclasped around him. Aiden felt his cock length and fill her even more. He spurted his load and grinned. For a moment he forgot his bulk and leant his full weight on her much smaller frame. She squeaked in protest and he quickly relented, rolling from her. She ran her hand over his face, tracing the line of his jaw, his lips, she wanted to memorise all of him on her fingertips. He drew her finger into the warmth of his mouth and sucked. Cara was in awe, fucked senseless and unable to believe he was real, hers, at least for the time being.
She sighed and in the half-light their breath mingled, their bodies cooling rapidly. She wished Aiden would speak but when she rolled over to nestle into his chest, he merely wrapped his giant arms about her and pulled her close.
For now, it was enough.

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