Saturday, February 5, 2011

Isobelle's Dirty Surprise

At last, sitting in his car in expensive silence, her freshly shaven thighs peeping out from the short hem of her favourite dress. As she moves, she knows the fabric dances like liquid.

“I’ll take you to my house”

Ezra glances at her. Notes she’s is not relaxed. Good. He likes it when he has the upper-hand.

At the high rise, using his keys and a security pass he leads her to the penthouse, through the foyer and up the lift. It’s up and up. Isobelle can see the city skyline from the balcony. Outside in the warm air, he stands in the doorway, silhouetted. It’s real. Her legs are beginning to tremble.

“So lovely”

Ezra’s voice comes from behind her.

“Do you like to be... shocked?”

Isobelle can’t think.

“I... I...”

Reason forces her to clear her throat and she walks inside to relieve her eyes of his silhouette. It has started to disconcert her. With the sweet taste of champagne on his lips, he gives her a first kiss. In a lazy movement akin to seduction, Ezra closes the distance between them and rubs his palm up her back. His full lips descend upon hers as he tastes her. Isobelle experiences a jolt of lust from her core.

“I’ve wanted to do these things to you” Chuckles.

“Things that aren’t fit for the train”.

It’s the menacing timber of his voice, it makes her shiver. Isobelle thrills. Will she be dominated by this mysterious man? Already her pussy is lush and wanting. She takes the moment at face-value and starts to take of her clothes.

Ezra eyes her, impressed. The slippery fabric of her dress descends to the floor and beneath it her light curves are coated in black. A balconette bra hugs her breasts and presents them. Her knickers are tiny and lace. As he surveys his prize, Ezra can see the pulse in her neck. She is afraid.

His keen eyes take in the scene and his cock begins to throb. There will be no misunderstanding tonight, they both mean to have their fun. Preamble has shredded with her dress. Ezra remains motionless. His silence gives him a regal air and Isobelle decides to play along. She closes the distance between them, parts her lips in anticipation and brushes his chest with her hand.

He watches.

Bolder now, she reaches up and plants lush kisses on his neck. He winces. She is too coy, too slight and innocent. A darkness flickers within him and Ezra drags her head from his neck in a quick movement, he captures her hair. Isobelle gasps. The pain is real. He pushes her to the floor before him, letting go. She takes in the bulge in his expensive trousers, there is nowhere else really to look.

“Suck it” Ezra rumbles.

Isobelle tugs at his pants with shaking fingers, his cock bounces free of it’s cloth cage and she thrusts herself into kneeling position. Ezra assists her by holding his length at the base. Soon his ample pole is slick with saliva and he assists her to face-fuck, the repeated, unrelenting action causing her to gag.

“You’re a good girl”

Ezra thrusts with his hips. Isobelle’s eyes bulge. It’s rough and uncaring. Her emotions swirl. Pre-cum dawns on the eye of his cock, she can taste the heavy drops. As he thrusts and grunts she can tell it won’t be long. ..

Unexpectedly. He stops.

He pushes her off, looking down at her shaken form.

“You are too good at that”

More gently now.

“Too compliant, not the slut I was hoping to fuck”

Isobelle palls.


“You are too sweet. I think you should leave”

Ezra reluctantly begins to button his pants. He retrieves her dress and thrusts it at her. She looks at him pleadingly.

“But you have undressed me with your eyes for weeks”

Her voice is soft.

“I want you”

“You want me to treat you badly?”

In his eyes she reads disbelief.

“You want to be my whore?”

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