Sunday, April 24, 2011


Playfully Riley coaxes his lover to new heights...

The magician continues to weave his magic, sliding his finger in and out of her moist hole. Karina moans, licking her lips. He plunges, not rubbing, just thrusting with his digit, ignoring her surrounding flesh, her clit, focusing too much of his attentions on her cock slot. She fights to divert his attentions. Kneeling next to him, on all fours, Karina is sucking on his meat, keeping her cunt within easy reach. Karina enjoys herself, diving for the head, sliding her moist tongue around his helmet, lathering as she travels. She pulls his foreskin taut before engulfing his member in a complete, moist stroke. In return, Riley's dexterous hand responds, finally beginning a gentle, insistent assault on her nub.

“Oh ….Rie...” she sighs “Oh Yeah.”

Karina makes appreciative noises. Her voice vibrates as she bobs on his cock. Her pussy throbs. She tries to return the pleasure without losing her mind, She spreads her thighs even wider, allowing him ultimate access whilst she continues to suck and lick. She buries her lips in the divot at the base of his shaft greedily. Her mouth is deliciously close to his balls. Her wet kisses increase his desire. He groans, A LOT. Riley clenches his thighs. She giggles and the throaty sound translates immediately onto his penis, sending a shiver up his cock. Riley reaches down and holds onto the base of his dick, extracting her face from it. His expression is keen with desire.

“Don't do this. Stop” He grins. “Stop”

All the while his fingers fidget on her insides. He gives her delightful, feathery caresses and clouds her mind with erotic sensation. His fingers explore her labia, flitting about to include her clitoris and Riley thrusts inside her slit with two fingers. He finds no rhythm, deliberately. She tenses her pert bottom, enduring the torture. His touch holds a certain urgency. Excitement drives his fingers.

“Gentle” She whispers, unable to wait.

In one move, Karina is whisking her leg around. She sits on top of him. Karina puts a palm flat on his chest and begins to stuff her pussy with his length. At first she holds his gaze but as his man-meat finds its way in, she finds herself almost unable to keep her eyes open. Its like butterflies and steel; chilli and sponge cake, inexplicable but deliciously filling. The smoothness of her descent makes her pussy feel like cream. She is hot and slick, greased by desire. His ample length rides in, stretching her. She takes her tantalising time.

Riley lets her slide home, until she is fully stuffed. He holds her hips. His grip is strong and she is unable to rise and stoke. They remain connected in limbo, in the breathe before a fuck. His palms thread upwards from her hips and he fills his hands with her breasts. Each thumb teases a nipple and waves of feeling flicker through Karina. Fire makes its way from the tip of her pert tipples to her sex. She sucks on her bottom lip. It emerged from her mouth glistening.

The heat of his palms moves all over her velvet globes. He grasps and flexes his hands around them, holding her flesh until she bends, willing him to take her breast in his mouth. Her chest descends, he licks at the tips. She tenses her pussy muscles, feeling his girth on her insides, immobile. The sweetest of tortures.


She begs and he ignores her. Riley lathers one pink, pert nipple, rubbing and coating the other with the warmth of his hand. Her pussy remains stretched but still their bodies are stagnant. She enjoys the feeling of being impaled, wanting more desperately. Karina shifts her weight and Riley's hand shoots to her hip in reprimand, steadying her

She opens her eyes and admires the man kissing her big breasts with enthusiasm. She leans in, thrusting her chest at him, breathing hard. His fair hair hides his eyes. Desperate to feel his cock thrusts, she hesitates only a moment. Karina grabs the candle from their night stand, unloading some of the saucers hot contents onto his pecks. He jumps, taken aback by the scalding heat. His action inadvertently thrusts his cock deep into her.


Riley stops making love to her breasts. He blows out the candle and sets it to one side. Deftly he switched their positions and strokes without preamble. He charges the silence with his forceful entry. His rocking hips thrust his ample man-eat into her wet folds and eagerly Karina meets him. She spreads her thighs wide, willing him to plunder more of her. He pumps and when she thinks she might die from it, he holds her ankles either side of his ears and takes his cock to new depths.

Riley drops his pace. She moans and moans. Their intimate slowness doesn't last. Riley coaxes her up and flips her. He drives his unrelenting pole into her softeness, her knees either side of his thighs. She lets him take her for a number of deep, fast thrusts. 'Gentle', she tells him, as though calming a stallion. Riley registers her request. He's buried in her, 8/10th lost to the moment but he grins, obediently slowing their pace.

Karina moves next, drawing her hips up rhythmically and rolling her pelvis in time with his strokes . He lets her lead as his orgasm builds. Karina keeps up her rocking motion, bending to allow her body as much penetration as possible. Eagerly she buries her head on the bed, near her elbows. At each deep stroke her fingers clutch the mattress.

“OhGodOhGod. OH GOD!”

She feels Riley thicken, his legs growing tense like tree-trunks. Then she forgets him, hearing and seeing nothing beyond the tumbling blackness of her own earth-shattering orgasm. Spurred by her exquisite, impromptu inner-massage, Riley unloads his cum. He slows his movements, watching Karina bounce and writhe as passion ripples through her. Her pussy muscles clench and unclench delightfully and so he holds on, waiting. The moment subsides. Karina giggles, feeling dirty and playful. It's the only sound in the silence following their mutual release.

Carefully, Riley continues to feed her his diminishing member, pushing what is left of his fatness back into her slickness. He is familiar with the pleasant reaction his final effort might receive. It does the trick. Most unexpectedly, Karina loses herself in another crashing orgasm, her pussy alive, her cheeks flushed, her resistance at its weakest.

She eases him out of her then, before being reduced to a wobbling mess of pussy and secretions. Karina rolls onto her back and pulls him to join her. Riley relaxes. He kisses her ebony shoulder and the corner of her beautiful mouth. He didn't say anything and she isn't sure it's necessary. When he lowers his head and takes her into a desirous, tangle of tongues she knows they don't need to speak.

The kiss deepens. She wraps a leg around his thigh, drawing him bodily closer. In surprise she notes his cock's hardness between them. The man's desire is insatiable. Karina runs her hand through his blonde hair and continues. Her hammering heart belies her exhaustion, though she's more than ready for more.

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