Saturday, May 21, 2011

The undoing of Lorenzo Vannostrand

Lorenzo is reticent when it comes to bedding the lovely Ashleigh. Is she too young for his tastes? Is his status as her employer an obstacle in their path? Ashleigh embarks upon a campaign to seduce the older man and discovers his surprising secret.

"A portion of mankind take pride in their vices and pursue their purpose; many more waver between doing what is right and complying with what is wrong. “
Ashleigh heaved. His hands were very distracting, one clamped around her thigh, the other strumming an unsteady rhythm on her swollen clitoris. His fingers were like a shy lizard, sliding in and out of the heat of the sun, playing in her intimate crevices and still he talked at her. Even for a learned woman his technique was surprising.
“It’s Horace”
Lorenzo’s eyes shone with mirth.
“It is.”
“Applicable now?
The ripples of pleasure began to build to a crescendo inside her. She fidgeted as best she could, her long legs splayed out in an unladylike fashion, Lorenzo’s firm hold the only thing preventing her from sliding free of the stern, high-backed wooden chair.
“The housekeeper will be back any second” Ashleigh gasped.
She teetered on the edge of collapse. Dare she let this man drive her to orgasm in the drawing room of her employers house?
“Stuff the housekeeper”.
His voice was low. Driving this woman to distraction was proving a terrible strain on Lorenzo’s self control. Still in her heels, her stockings rolled down to her mid-thigh, her skirt hitched up above her hips; Lorenzo could see she was luxuriating in his touch. He was still fully dressed, a boner the size of a kransky weighing in against the expensive linen of his trousers. Any more stimulation and he would leak pre-cum onto the starched, beige fabric. His caresses intensified on her slit, sliding two warm fingers to and fro, dipping into the velvety folds of her delectable vagina.
Ashleigh was unlike any of the fragile beauties he had pursued in the past. They appeared like rare insects speared on the tiny pins of his polystyrene personality when compared with the natural zest of this woman. Ashleigh oozed intellect, stamina, and virtually shone with intensity. It was enough to distract a man from his work.
Her pussy quaked beneath his touch. He knew enough of women to assume she was about to explode. One of her hands came up to grip his sleeve, steadying the frantic movements he was administering to her snatch. Her blue eyes bored into his. She was drowning in feeling, her lush mouth, ruby red with desire. She made him horny and it made him mean. Without warning, Lorenzo withdrew his hand. Ashleigh gasped.
“You’re right.”
Ashleigh pulled her skirt down over her thighs, silent and numb. Thrown from the extremes of intimate pleasure to the coolness of rejection in seconds, she shivered.
“Anyone could discover us here. I lost my mind for a moment. Wash up, I’ll go and find us something for lunch and we’ll rejoin the others”
Lorenzo strode from the room, Ash watched him go. These halls were potentially crawling with house guests, most of them male and geriatric. She couldn’t very well finish herself off in this grand old manor. Her pussy throbbed. She rubbed a hand over her mound and cursed.
Days passed and the most she got out of her boss was the occasional acknowledgement that he had been ogling her. In amongst the half dozen colleagues that were assisting with his cataloguing and over the large array of text before them on the substantial library table, his mouth would curl ever so slightly upward. He would nod almost imperceptibly at her, eyes bright with lust. In those moments she hated him, he was killing her with longing.
She tried in vain to remove him from her thoughts. Just when she thought she might have conquered her baser instincts, her resolve would crumble. The simple, unnerving sight of him rolling up a shirt sleeve, or tucking his unkempt, dark hair out of the way, reaching for his notebook, was enough to send her heart skipping.
Ash tried to reason with herself. He was only going to be in her life a short time. Long enough for the contents of his grandfather’s library to be categorised as part of the deceased estate. A few weeks at most. Since kissing her drunkenly, passionately, on her first evening at the house and aside from the single, other, tantalisingly incident in his drawing room, Lorenzo had gone out of his way to steer clear of her.
There was nothing to be done but frig herself silently to sleep each night, remembering his hand between her legs and taking care not to shake the bed springs into creaking violently, leaving the older gentlemen in the adjacent rooms, in no doubt as to the exact nature to her nocturnal activities. Ash was finding herself more and more giddy with pent up desire by the end of each work day. Even watching his lips close around mouthfuls of boring, English desserts at their collective dinner table, was erotic beyond compare. Ash knew she was lost.
If she really wanted an almighty, lustful interlude, however brief, she would have to instigate things herself. Four more days and nights passed. On Thursday, whilst helping herself to a pile of hard-covered antiquity, her ample breasts jiggled as she pulled the books across the table. Ash took one from top of the pile, allowing herself the briefest of glances at Lorenzo. He stood, spell-bound, all but drooling at her. The other occupants of the room seemed oblivious.
She bit her bottom lip, unabashedly continuing her insolent appraisal of him. He flashed fire in her direction and typically, looked away. Ash cleared her throat and kept working. The older man dropped a book to the floor. One of the more senior specialists eyed him with disdain. Ash giggled. She felt it bubbling in her throat and couldn’t catch it before the sound escaped. Excusing herself she made her way quickly outside.
In the courtyard, Ash no longer felt the need to giggle. Alone, she quietly despaired. She unpinned her hair, running both hands through her thick tresses and massaged her scalp. She tilted her head upwards, into the afternoon sunlight and tried to empty her mind. She counted, she inhaled deeply and sighed, relieved as normality began to pump through her veins. Another sound caught her off guard.
By herself in the secluded garden, Ash had no comprehension of the picture she painted. Her long, auburn hair tumbling past her shoulders in thick waves, her arms raised above her head were pulling the delicate material of her blouse, stretching it to accommodate her breasts and accentuating every voluptuous curve of her ripe, tidy figure. When she sighed, her chest rose and fell deliciously. From the doorway, Lorenzo observed the scene in amazement. He was utterly out of ideas on how to avoid her sexual allure. The woman was seduction personified. His cock throbbed. Without thinking he paused and scratched his neck.
He need not have concerned himself with pondering a course of action. The rustle of his movement alerted her to his presence and the look she shot him warned him of an equally sharp fire burning within her. Ash felt something odd, as though her heart had fallen to the pit of her belly. Her hammering pulse filled her ears. More than that, she was acutely aware that her moment had arrived. Letting this situation slip past her would spell the end of any possible connection. She held him with her clear blue gaze, stock still. Staring.
“You make me crazy Lorenzo.”
“I beg your pardon?”
Ash blushed. She couldn’t bear to say it again.
“I make you crazy. I’ve thought of little else since I have had my hand buried in your cunt. You are a distraction. A goddess. A curse.”
“Why did you stop?”
In a habit now familiar to her, he pushed the sleeve of his business shirt up past one elbow. Ash caught herself wondering why he didn’t have better quality sleeve clips. She stepped towards him.
“I want you to touch me.”
Lorenzo laughed, a dry chuckle that caught her off guard.
“Good god girl. I’m afraid I’ll liquefy.”
Ash blushed. She kept moving, he met her halfway, not stopping when they were toe to toe. Instead he manoeuvred so her back pressed against the uneven stones of the building. She closed her eyes and waited for the touch of his lips. It never came. Ash’s eyes flew open. He stared down at her, feasting on her face, the intensity of his gaze devouring her. It confused her, she didn’t feel the need to be idolised like a doll. She wanted to be fucked and enjoyed. She wanted at last to have the cavernous ache within her filled by Lorenzo’s cock. Ash had seen his man meat pressing on his pants at their last 'juncture’ and wanted it for herself. Passion overtook her and she caught his crisp, proper shirt at the waist, tugging it free of his pants.
She began unbuttoning his shirt front, not stopping to assess his reaction, wanting only to drive him into enough of a frenzy to kiss her, to wake from his reverential stupor and stuff her with cock she deserved. Her eager fingers found their way past his cotton shirt and on, beyond the singlet material, to the heat of his skin. She reached her target of flesh and let go with an inward gasp of appreciation.
His abs were hard, the body beneath her hands was toned and taut. Ash wondered at how a learned, bookish man found the time to hone his muscles. At once her stomach jumped. Her body full of curves, would he find her not to his liking? Perhaps he would find her nakedness repulsive, fleshy, lacking? Ash hid her eyes.
Her reaction had consequences she could not have expected. Her lapse into self-consciousness was met with a searing kiss from Lorenzo, the older man having mistaken her hesitation for dismay at his lack of spontaneity. Terror made him cast aside his usual restraint. He kissed her with the enthusiasm of a school boy.
His hot mouth on her lips meant she stopped thinking. Ash accepted his flustered, short kisses and began teaching him to French kiss, guiding the movements of his mouth and introducing her tongue. He was an avid pupil and within minutes her body writhed against his, pressed between his chest and the wall at her back. She ran her hands through his hair, unconsciously pulling him closer. Lorenzo ground his cock into the cleft of her thighs and kissed her between snatched, shallow breaths. He felt a novice beside this young siren. Ash was nothing if not adept at introducing him to passion.
Lorenzo was prideful. He wanted her lush body with an intensity that shook him. He wanted too, that she not know she would be his first. The thought was alarming, cautioning him to be careful and to show restraint. He knew Ash could easily drive a man to orgasm without delay. For himself, he feared premature embarrassment. He would have to distract her with her own desire and please her fully before he turned his mind to his own satisfaction.
Ash was beginning to suspect his inexperience. She had no doubt he knew how to find pleasure on a woman’s body, as he had shown her in the drawing room. Today, things seemed to be spiraling out of his control. Could this amazing, sexy man be a complete novice to the ins and outs of sexual wonder? Her mind reeled. His cock pulsed between them. She pushed him to arms length, breathing erratically.
If he was a virgin, it would explain his many conflicting reactions to her. Ash searched his face. His hazel eyes stared back, dark and lustful. His lips were swollen and he too breathed as though having surfaced from underwater.
“Am I your first?”
Her hand splayed on his ample pectorals, his heart beating on her hand through the singlet, he looked away from her. Ashamed? With her pointer, Ash brought his face back around her's once more. Softly, she kept up her line of questioning.
“Am I to assume you’ve never... found ultimate pleasure with a lover?”
He said nothing.
His five o’clock shadow caught on her fingernails. His expression was achingly sincere.
“You are a witch. A vixen. How am I to help myself?”
He drew her hand from his chest. In silence, he lowered his lips onto hers.
“Make love to me?” Ash spoke so softly he wasn’t sure he’d heard it.
Safe to assume he didn’t need further encouragement, Ash enveloped his neck in her arms. She licked and nipped at his lips and he darted his tongue in and out between hers, teasing. She swirled her tongue into the warmth of his mouth. He groaned, drawing her closer. Ash flicked the buckle of his belt. She stripped him of his pants, they pooled at his ankles. His crisp, linen boxers followed. Privately, Ash marveled at the ironed-in fold lines on his undergarments. She kept the observation to herself.
Next, she pushed him to sitting position in a metal garden chair. She straddled him, rocking her hips on his cock. Ash was careful to turn his balls blue with abrasiveness. She didn’t show his member gentleness or too much attention. Faced with an inundation of softness, perhaps an inexperienced man might explode. In the back of her mind she kept hold of the hope that if she handled this correctly, if she handled him correctly, there would be future opportunities, other moments, for different kinds of lust.
Ash bravely went about her seduction. She grabbed a handful of his thick hair and pulled his mouth away from hers. His hazel eyes wore surprise. With a finger, she tapped his nose a little patronisingly and clambered up to continue the show. From her vantage point, a few untouchable feet away, Ash took her time to undress. She popped each button of her muslin blouse until her surprising, red, lace bra began peeping out. Ash made short work of her skirt, popping the buttons and shimmying the garment to the floor.
She took her French knickers and her stockings off in one movement. Ash stood brazenly before Lorenzo. Legs splayed, his cock rigid, like a succulent prize, appreciation shone in his eyes. He still wore his singlet and Ash could see the definition of his muscles though it’s weave.. She wanted more, dreamed of him naked before her. A pity now wasn’t the time. She would make do.
Her sweet curves were a delicious shade of milky white, as though she had never bared her body to the sun. Her breasts were large and perky, sitting beautifully beneath the lace of her unexpected underwear and the fabric of her blouse, unbuttoned to her navel. She padded barefoot towards him, Venus personified, offering her body. Lorenzo shook with responsibility.
He was at least half a decade older than her, perhaps more. Aside from the fact that very few women had been semi-naked in his presence, he had never seen a woman looking so ripe and fuckable. No stranger to satisfying himself with picture and moving images of lustful acts, Lorenzo knew quality. No one, in any of the publications or his wildest dreams, had ever looked as delectable as she.
Ash bent at the waist and kissed him. First her hot lips burnt a path up his collarbone and finally she arrived at his mouth. Hungrily, he accepted the cinnamon taste of her. Her creamy breasts greeted him, peeping out from their material confines. Lorenzo growled. He removed her blouse, he fumbled like a novice with the clasp of her bra and she let him. When at last her breasts swung free she offered them to him, easing further forward to allow him to capture her sensitive nipple in his mouth.
Lost in the smell of her, sucking on a pink tip, Lorenzo became dimly aware she was lowering herself onto his cock. His engorged, aching member was finding it’s way home with impressive intensity, as though it possessed a mind of it’s own. Her pussy lips coated in her juices, the smell she exuded grew stronger. As his dick began truly disappearing, he appreciated her softness. Lorenzo’s eyes popped, he felt dizzy.
“Breathe” She whispered helpfully, blissfully engaged in her task and trying to watch his face.
He throbbed. she buried him up to the hilt. They stopped. Conversationally; the thick edge to her voice the only give away as to the true intimacy of their situation, Ash added
“You’ve got a really lovely cock, Lorenzo”. His disobedient member bucked within her.
“Steady.” She looked him squarely in the eye and rocked her pelvis.
He moved within her, reveling in a new feeling of possession. Ash’s eyes closed slowly and she fought to remain 'teacher’.
“I’m not sure how much longer I can take this. I’ve wanted you so long.” She planted a searing kiss on his jaw. “If I cum quickly, I think it’s only fair you should too. ”
Ash barely got the last words out. Beneath her, Lorenzo shifted his hips and it sent little ripples of hyper awareness through her achingly sensitive pussy. She rose up and dropped her pretty bottom onto his thighs, completing the first successful stroke in their coupling. A part of her wanted the excruciating hotness to last forever, the rest of her wanted to cum buckets on his ample pole. She rocked her hips, rose up and stroked.
“I have an idea” Lorenzo kissed her.
He steadied them both and stood, backing her into the wall once more, tucking one of her knees in against his side. His cock head slid up inside her and he thrust forward, his buns clenching as he struggled.
“Ooh” Ash gave him, appreciatively.
Lorenzo pushed into her again and again. Ash adored it. He was strong enough to hold her upright, fit enough to build up to a punishing rhythm and he seemed to be making a super human effort not to unload unnecessarily. Ash clutched at his neck, burying her face in the smell of him. Within minutes her pussy juices broke enthusiastically over his cock and she came.
“Oh” She offered softly “It’s.. It’s...”
Lorenzo was pleased at his lover’s achievement, he need no longer hold himself in check. He increased his strokes so he slid almost completely out of her, thrusting back in with a punishing certainty. Only one more stroke and he was done, shuddering and shaking as he unloaded into her. Lorenzo's body slumped, a great deal of his substantial weight shifted onto her. Ash ran her hands slowly up and down his back, astounded at what they had achieved.
A noise caught them both off-guard. Lorenzo snapped from his rapture. Men could be heard, a group of their colleagues were making their way down the corridor, towards the glass doors and the little garden. Lorenzo moved first, rushing to his pants in a crumpled heap at his ankles. Ash couldn’t quite process what was happening, she fumbled and shook, her fingers numb and heavy, failing to obey her command.
Unsure how they both managed, the couple were set to rights by the time 3 of their colleagues came into view. The men barely gave them a second glance as they passed by on their way to the great hall. In the moments that followed, Ash raised her skirt and adjusted her knickers. Lorenzo smoothed the front of his shirt with his hands. He watched her through his lashes as she put her appearance in order. His hair was delightfully rumpled, his clothing slightly ascue. He wore a caged expression.
“We should do this again” His tone was soft, it matched the question in his eyes.
To his dismay, Ash shook her head in disbelief.
“In the privacy of a bedchamber, Goose.”
Ash laughed.
“I’d love that.” She broke the awkwardness, kissing him. “You did a fine job. It was...”
“Astounding?” The older man grinned at her, a peculiar light in his eyes.

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