Wednesday, June 13, 2018

What Gus isn't getting

Sex under the stars...

Blake is slamming into Penny. His hot, thick, cock contacts her inner core and it’s alarmingly pleasant, his impressive erection buoyed by continuous strokes and handfuls of Penny in the night. Her fleshy, pert arse glows like a moon-lit peach in the Nullarbor’s open air. Gus, Penny and Blake are camped at the end of a day’s drive through nowhere. Their makeshift campervan set-up is surrounded by darkness and red dirt. Scratchy, small plants stick out in the stillness near the ‘bight and the land falls away to sudden cliffs. It's late, aside from their fucking there is stillness. Gus sleeps, oblivious in the campervan adjacent. A canvas bedroll laid out on the dry dirt serves as a cushion to their lovemaking. Clumps of stone or gravel press bruises into soft flesh. None of that matters now as Blake grunts with effort, driving inside her, on top of a gorgeous woman with endless legs.
During the day the wind whips up from time to time and sprays sand-dirt. It’s mild now and as he plunges into her softness he’s chiefly concerned not by the wind or the dark cliffs but how it feels to be inside her, deep in a new embrace that connects the tip of his penis to the back of his ears.

It’s like heaven, this fucking out-of-doors. How come no one thought to include him until now?

Penny smiles up at him, her hair around her shoulders on the mattress, working its way to a forest of knots as she rocks with each thrust. Her cherry lips are parted, eyes wide, all colour in them lost in the dim light, the white of her teeth beckoning him for a kiss. He lowers his head and Penny wraps her ankles around his hips. She parts her long fingers around his neck, their mouths connect noisily. He’s pushing into her and withdrawing and Blake scoots one of his thumbs between them and locates her clitoris. At first she squirms on it and then he holds his hand steady, thumb crooked, resting on just the right spot to faithfully, relentlessly caress the little bead at her centre each time they rock, each time their flesh touches. He hopes the exquisite torture will break her open. He’d like that, to watch her unravel. She mewls incoherently and twists away from his hot mouth, drawing her bottom lip through her teeth. Her eyes are eyes clamped, shut fighting it and simultaneously trying to scale it.

He likes the squelching sound of her sex as they fuck; her endless, beachcomber legs wrapped around his hips. He’s home, in the smell, in the driving need in which they’re both immersed. She scoots up onto her elbows, pushing their bodies apart and he responds slowly, foggy from fucking. She slides out from under his big frame, Penny brushes against his thick lips in a reassuring kiss (it’s not over). She kneels. She’s halfway down his body with her knees pushing into his torso, forcing him to rearrange. Blake’s eyes are dark and dilated. Salt from the sea air clings to his long lashes and his beard stubble frames his chin, he's a picture of dessert.

She encourages him to roll onto his back, stiff cock in the cooling summer air. She’s naked except for her socks. He slaps her arse as she clambers across his hips and her flesh shivers. A dart of desire sears him, commencing with his cock. Blake holds his thick dick, stroking possessively, reassuring himself that he’s ready. The expression on her face tell him all he needs. He relaxes. They are new lovers and tonight in a night of firsts. He isn't going to apologise for clumsiness, not when his actions playfully extend their intimacy, spinning sexy from awkward. All at once Penny sinks down onto his erection and it doesn’t matter anymore. Her pretty pussy and the warmth of her inner thighs consumes him in lush, silken skin. A grunt curls forward from the back of his throat. He stares up at Penny in appreciative disbelief. Her breasts sway as she repeats the action, slick hotness on his engorged cock and the ghost of a smile on her lips.

He’s buried inside her, her chestnut hair falling around her face to block the night sky.
“I’m going to do this,…” she announces airily from a place where there is only stars.
Blake’s mind is a void; she threatens to engulf him in sweetness like ripe pomegranates, it's sharp like slate. He can’t hold out much longer.
“… For a bit..”

Penny’s words land softly as she rides him, up and in, the column of his rigid sex disappearing inside her like a song. It makes her moan it’s so good, her golden-syrup-insides humming to draw out a secret.
“And then I want you to fuck me better.” Leaning in, five o-clock shadow in her hands, nose-to-nose. “Harder”.
Her warm, soft, breath on his face. She smells like roast potatoes, wine and lust. Blake thrusts up unexpected and quickly, the shock making her gasp. It’s a dirty sound in the quiet night and he almost loses his load.
She sits still then, impaled, goading him, one hand exploring his chest, wreathing her slender hand through springy chest hair and hot skin. Her cheeks are flushed. He cups her hips, one in each ham hand until he thrusts his cock once more into the peach of her sex, heels digging into their bedroll to gain purchase, knees bent; it feels like fire and gold.

“Oh” she mouths and looks away, he’s too beautiful, all stubble and flushed severity, looking up at her in the dimness like he might like to eat her alive. Unkempt, unraveling and deliciously male. In a flicker of a moment her orgasm whispers.

“Don’t close your eyes” he rasps, but the heat of his gaze is intense and it’s all she’s got not to tilt her head back and go tumbling over the precipice.

“I...” she starts to say and doesn’t finish. Penny wants Blake to kiss her as she cums. Her nails grip his shoulders, digging into flesh and every thrust is more delicious than the last. Finally he gives her what she wants, capturing her floundering face, wetting her lips with his.She loves the sandalwood-and-Lego scent of him, the harshness of his breath and his abrasive, midnight facial hair. Her greed spikes and she shouts into the night, Blake looks shocked, covering her mouth with his fingers to prevent her too-loud sounds and she’s licking them as she cums on his cock, her muscles contract as she rushes towards orgasm, squidgy and fantastic. He bites his bottom lip.

To slake his own need he picks up the pace. He flips her body so she’s on her back and her breasts spread, nipples bouncing with their fresh rhythm like strawberries lost in custard crème. Blake’s on his knees, bracing against her thighs. He squeezes a fat thumb between them and every stroke is a tease to her sopping clit, leading them home.

Over the edge he topples, withdrawing in a split second between heaven and orgasming. His seed spills from his penis onto her pale stomach. Penny half-smiles in the dim light. She rolls out from under him and he flops down on his side.. The night is still and the darkness comforting; it’ll be a while before they feel the cool of the evening on their feverish skin

Blake’s breathing slows, a beautiful, glowing white-girl on his bedroll, sated. Above them the Milky Way is spectacular, nature’s light show in the desert. Blake turns off the lantern, releasing countless stupid bugs from their light-filled confusion to disperse into the night. He draws the mosquito net around them and splays a golden, hairy arm over her middle as he relaxes.

“Yeah” she says, still breathless, “it’s nice out here”.
Blake nods, looking up at the stars.
“We mustn’t tell Gus.”
“Oh I’ll be sure to” he deep voice rumbles out into the night, through a smile.
“You prick,” says Penny lightly, the next minute, improbably, she sleeps.

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