Monday, June 28, 2010

not just wicker baskets and big hats: a picnic

Sandy walked by the door of the bathroom, in a hurry to remove her drab work clothes. At the sound of Tully humming she stopped and peered in. Her flat mate was immersed in bubbles and warm water, eyes closed and her head resting on the edge of the bath. The steam hummed to the ceiling from out of the bath, slate bath tiles beneath the tub wet, as though she had been splashing in the pleasant warmth. Sandy took in the sight of a relaxed lady, soaped and glistening, bubbles running over her svelte arms and steam gently rising from the tub.
Tully opened her eyes and Sandy started with dismay, had she been staring? Tully gave her a lazy smile and sunk deeper into the steaming warm water, when she resurfaced her long black hair clung to her neck and face. She brushed it out of the way and looked up at the other woman
"Oh Wow,this is So good"
Sandy only smiled, thinking to herself what a picture Tully looked, like this. She marvelled at how amazingly rare it was to see her so relaxed. Normally, the two of them ran about making their lives and their working lives a perfect fit. But today was Sunday. Sunday nights were special in so many ways. Ordinarily Tully loved them.
"I see you" Sandy offered softly. The atmosphere in the room was charged with a certain flavour. Spice, Sandy grinned to herself and took a step closer, she was now inside the bathroom. Sandy put down the bag at her side.
"That looks OK, you know. So do you" She finished deliberately, hoarsely. Sandy hedged her bets and took another step closer. Tully sat up out of her steam-bath and the bubbles began to fall away, leaving her lithe body, glistening in the heat, exposed. She leaned over and almost put her arm across to preserve the illusion of chastity, stopping the bubbles as they pooled above her nipples. Sandy could hear her heartbeat in her ears and choosing this moment to make her next move - even to herself, the sound of her shoes on the tiles was grating. She slipped off her socks. As she walked towards the bath she felt dampness seep into the spaces between her toes. Sandy felt the heal of her foot growing damp. She leaned on the sink casually and pulled them off, slinging her socks into the ikea clothes basket. Tully just watched and nearly disappeared under the water as she feigned disgust. There was a wry twist to her mouth, pulling her lips into a sensual, mischievous expression. The moment lit itself into smaller spotfires. Perhaps a white elephant appeared and disappeared in the steam across the mirror. Neither woman noticed and Sandy bravely closed the distance between them. She sat on the edge of the tub and only paid the most precursory attention to the fact water had began seeping into her jeans around her hip for Sandy had other ideas on her mind. Her preoccupation allowed her to lean in.
"Do you have a headache?"
"I know something that's great for stress relief" Sandy's eyebrow arched
Tully grabbed her by the second button on her work blouse.
"You're a dag" it was the last thing she said before her soft lips found their target on Sandy's own. She closed her eyes and drank in the sweet, plushness of the delicate embrace. Sandy smiled too.
"What if I got in there with you?"
"What if you did?" Tully lifted her arm out of the warm waters, reaching up to cup the other woman's shoulder. Water ran down the sleeve of Sandy's white shirt and the fabric clung to her arm. She shivered. With one foot in the water and her black pants soaked to the skin, Sandy kissed the other woman's warm features, her eyes, her damp eyelashes that stuck together so seductively, the nub of her delicate nose, by the time Sandy claimed her lips Tully was quivering, shaking with a need to be touched, engaged, explored.
In the quiet of the house the noise the water made as it wrapped about her leg caused her partner to jump, sliding her bum around on the porcelain of the tub. She squeaked in approval and Tully giggled.
Sandy got in, fully clothed. As she did, warm suds slopped out all over the black tiled room, making the floor glossy and reflective. Awkwardly, for the first time that afternoon Sandy slid her feet in until she was crouching at one end of the tub.
"Like that?" Tully shot her a heavy look and pulled her, Sandy's weight fell across her friends slight, naked form and they kissed once more. As the kiss deepened Sandy could hear Tully's breath becoming shallow. She explored the interior of her mouth, gently at first, with sedate darting intensity and then choosing to burn her way into a more steady motion. Tully tasted incredible. To Sandy she tasted of chili and chocolate... and hope.
She sloshed to her knees and pulled away from the embrace, encouraging Tully to stand in the shin deep water, coercing her as she too, made her way upright. The water made the material of her thin blouse cling in all the right places, over the swell of her breasts and the delicate softness of her epaulets, the material coming in at her navel, clinging to her taught midriff. She wore a singlet beneath, and a white lace bra.
Sandy managed to coax Tully all the way upwards by brushing her arms and raising the other woman's lips to hers as she rose to standing. Wordlessly, Sandy got out. She didn't take her eyes from Tully's blue ones, unbuttoning her shirt and peeling it from her soaked frame. Tully came to her, the suds continuing to fall away onto black tiles. Hungrily wasting no time reuniting their lips, and in return tasting her warm water-soaked lips made Sandy weaken, she let out a little moan.
"And I'm cold" she said softly, breaking the embrace and smiling coyly into Tully's close, perfect face. Tully's blue eyes rounded in surprise at the change of tact. She almost replied but Sandy continued to strip. In a moment Tully's hands were on her stomach, trailing her breasts, pleasing the budded nipples with pressure, offering caresses alternatively from the sweet warmth of her mouth or the comparative, abrasive coldness of her hand. Boldly Sandy rounded Tully's hip in her palm, slipping her hand around to cup her cheek. At this Tully inhaled, catching a deep breath of sweet bathbubble smell and the citrus tang of Sandy's perfume. Was it her body or a scent? Surely nobody smelt that good naturally, or tasted so good, or moved with the same strength and suppleness and most of all, made her want to lead the way into a much more passionate embrace that would satisfy them both; Sandy mused. She pushed her hand around to the curve of Tully's stomach, her wet fingers making the journey sticky and tantalisingly staccato-ed. Tully flinched and giggled, the noise dying in her throat as Sandy continued on her path towards pussy, brushing the bath-moisture from the springy hairs, easing two presumptuous fingers past her folds, into her centre and making her wriggle with delight on Sandy's hand.
Still dressed in her clinging black pants Sandy ran her other hand down Tully's neck. Lost in a sensation of pleasure, the other woman bent her head and moved inside the caress, Sandy trailed a path with a playful hand, down her supple back, her two fingers still buried at Tully's core, moving ever so gently around, in an exquisitely sedate motion. In a moment of clarity Sandy chose to turn Tully to face away from her, until she could witness her own reflection. The sight of her flushed face and her bright, uncharacteristically dark eyes, took her by surprise. She looked so luschious, so alive, as to be almost feverish. The moment sang with promise.
Sandy's hand probed and Tully's knees almost buckled. Her fingers wrapped appreciatively around the bathroom sink basin.
'Don't move... any ..muscles' Sandy requested in a low, husky voice.
She rummaged in her bag and almost broke the moment. In her haste a smile played on her lips and she balanced her slight weight on the balls of her feet.
'I've got chocolate, wouldn't it be fun?' Tully only watched as Sandy unwrapped the Picnic bar, casting the wrapper impatiently onto the floor behind them. The compound chocolate coated toffee peanuts never looked so intriguing before, never so suggestive as in the oestrogen charged confines of their share-house bathroom. A kiss sealed the moment and Tully gripped the sink
'Go on then Tiger, make my afternoon' Tully shot at her dryly. Sandy raised her eyebrow but she failed to comply. She bent her head to kiss Tully and their lips met.
'What would you like?' Sandy asked softly, after a moment. The words out of her mouth whilst still touching the other woman's lips.
'For you to fuck me'
'Like this?' Sandy placed the cold head of the Picnic bar at the delicate crux between the swell of Tully's bottom and her sex. Tully shivered and parted her thighs ever so slightly. In the mirror she saw Sandy kiss her shoulder blade, her collar bone, and then as the blood rushed to her ears and she was overcome with desire, Tully could feel the magic of Sandy's hand sliding the chocolate bar into her, only a fraction, before withdrawing. The suggestion of more to come drove her crazy and she wiggled her attractive rear whilst turning to look at Sandy in the room.
'I dare you' her eyes glittered. Sandy didn't need a dare and she pushed the improvised dildo into the folds of her sex, removing it at the same pace until she established a gentle rhythm. Tully sighed, pushing back, allowing Sandy set the rythmn as she kissed the corner of her mouth, her neck. When she arched her back Sandy worked a trail of soft kisses down her nape, responding to the growing urgency of the other woman's need and removing the basin as a barrier between their flesh. They came together, torso's touching, a pleasurable sensation of soft flesh on flesh. All the while Sandy continued to work on Tully with the bar, by now the heat of her pussy and the weight of her love juice began to melt the chocolate. Sandy let the bar fall to the floor to be cleaned up later, she licked a chocolate covered finger and leaned in for a kiss,. Tully obliged and gave herself up to the sensations raging through her, an expert hand unheeded, now led the way towards orgasm, fingering her clitoris, gently entering her passage, revelling in the joy of her wet and appreciative pussy and with it Tully rose to the breathy heights of release.
At the point-of-no-return she cried out and lost the ability to kiss or be kissed, she shuddered and went on shuddering, the muscles of her core contracting and releasing. Tully writhed on Sandy's hand and before long was pleading for her friend to stop her beatific, torturous caress, Sandy obliged and slowed her movements. Reluctantly she pulled away from their embrace. The room smelt of clean flesh and pheromones. Heat from their adventures and the cooling bath water had successfully steamed up the mirror.
Tully leaned back for a fraction of a second and they eyed one another
'You didn't even take your pants off'
Sandy chuckled coyly and took a moment to meet her eyes. Intuitively she reached for the towels and wrapped them both, she led the other woman out of the black tiled bathroom and away from the remnants of the fun they had enjoyed. Sandy ushered them both into the warmth and seclusion of her bedroom. The key turned in the lock of the front door, signaling the arrival of their other flat-mate, just as Tully kicked shut the door.

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