Tuesday, June 1, 2010

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They stopped speaking once they hit the water. Clothes thrown off in the heat of the sun, a little light breeze speaking of the afternoon, threatening them with the cool that comes with night time. A little bit of wine under that same telling sun earlier in the day and she had unwrapped the scarf from around her friend’s neck and gently run its feathery weight one whole length of her friend’s thigh. How the delicate trace of the fabric had made her ache to be touched by a hand. She wanted to kiss just to be kissed. To taste the weight of another’s on her lips, the warm breath and the cushiony feeling of flesh on flesh. No matter who’s, the pull of sensuousness in her nature, threatening to satisfy her on its easily attainable heights.

They stopped speaking and swam out. She swam further than she would have liked to and could feel her breath cooling in her chest, the shortness that accompanied fear in her breathing. Soon they were out deep and away from the electric barbeque lights, out there in the middle with just the thick smell of river sand and the muddy taste of the water. She could taste the minerals on her tongue; taste the old leaves that gave the water its colour. Treading water and looking at one another. Their white skin in the dark water and the feel of cold all around; tickling their sense of adventure.

She duck dives towards her friend and comes up for air close by. The water falls off her face and leaves her slick and sensuous. Her dark, proud eyes are made innocent by the water, her lashes stick to one another. They smile at each other and are languid now in the water. Earlier, as they sunned themselves and patted themselves mentally on the back for having made the most of a beautiful day by wagging work and taking a picnic down the river, they had eaten ham and cucumber sandwiches washed down with cold, soft, pink Bubbly and sat at the waters edge near a playground. They’d eaten Cadbury Picnics that had stayed good in the cooler but once out stuck to their hands and faces. After champagne they drank American vodka and raspberry cordial with soda. Lemonade, they had found previously, made it sickly sweet.

They lay down on the rug as the shade started to move and stared at the blue day. They had even held hands for a while and placed their hands on one another’s chest to feel how their body moved up and down when they laughed. Cat sat up on one elbow and kissed her friend. It was light and playful and soon they were fooling with one another. Keeping it light and simple, uncomplicated by any intent. The torturous pleasure of the afternoon had stretched on.

A touch like a passing insect on the upper thigh while Cat sucked the other woman’s fingers as if they were strawberries, tasting them over and over again as if they somehow held an exotic flavour all of their own. The other woman giggled a lot more then, and squealed with delight.

They kissed until their lips were sore and swollen from teasing. The warm honey feeling of being in the sun all day like a drug. The quiet heat that grew between them made the silence seem sexy, like a dream. Cat listened for her friends little cries of absolute pleasure as they made out standing next to the tyre swing.

The swing was strung to the tree in such a way that a good push sent it our almost past the shallow water. Happily now she found herself drawn ankle deep into the cold river water. The water made her thighs tingle, her palms feel hot and heavy. The sluggish river sand under foot squished around as she kissed her friend once more. They clinked their glasses together and ate each others oral orifice whilst threatening to fall into the water.

Cat found herself leaning on the swing and allowing the weight to gently rock her against the other woman’s body. The softness of her breasts, the valley between her hip bones, her soft middle. Her friend caressed her upper thigh as they kissed, under the skirt fabric until finally her fingers began to play where they were most welcome. Cat’s pussy was lush and wet. The slow afternoon had left her on sensuous tent-a-hooks, so many tiny, sexy moments. She felt she would burst when her friend slid two fingers in to find her slick centre. She shook as the pressure increased and the hand began circling gently, it warmed her to her toes and to the tips of her hair. She opened her mouth a little and her friend smiled to see the pleasure on her face.

Neither of them heard someone approaching. Her friend confessed later to only being vaguely aware that it may not have been Cat’s hands on her body. She hadn’t thought to protest when a man joined them and only fuelled their fine teasing. He feasted upon Cat’s prone body, replaced her friends light touch with his own. His gentle touch and the rough skin on his hands made her ache for cock and fulfillment. Cat glanced over at her friend and they both seemed naughtily at ease in the strange situation. Cat kissed her hand, the crook of her arm and her neck. In return she allowed Cat to be kissed by the stranger and watched in sleepy amusement as Cat guided the hand he had ventured up her skirt to perform acts that suited her better. His rough, large hands gave her pleasure. She was breathing in short shallow bursts now, her cheeks flushed and her head thrown back.

She pushed the good-looking stranger away from her and cheekily pulled her friend towards her, kissing her full on the mouth. The other woman made the soft noise of a female on heat. They undressed slowly like that, all three. They peeled their clothes off like secrets after dark at bedtime and tumbled on one another’s bodies in a fever. Cat licked the man’s body from the button of his jeans all the way up his chest to plant hot kisses on the burning skin of his neck. Her friend tugged his jeans – now wet from the shallow water - down over his hips and off. He led them to the edge of the water in his white boxers. There was no one else around Cat noted, there hadn’t been for hours.

Cat let her friend tug his cotton boxers past his toes. The woman stripped off her tiny cotton knickers and giggled. Greedily she took his ample cock in her hand like a precious object and squatted over it. She slid down his length easily, she was so wet. As she took him inside she made a satisfied whimper before setting about increasing his pleasure with a faster pace. She rode him with enthusiasm and would stop suddenly, savouring the feel of his cock, opening her full mouth in a satisfied sigh and then pick up the pace again. The stranger thought he would die from the luxury of it.

Cat amused herself in the water. She felt it’s smooth coolness like the hands of a lover and giggled and wriggled around. She felt her clit and its crazy warmth. She bounced at the delightful feel of a hand on her sex. She played a little, feeling orgasm creeping up, savouring the torturous pleasure, carrying herself with the deft touch of her own hand to the point of no return, she stopped, swam a few strokes and looked over at her friend enjoying the stranger at the shore. They fucked with abandon, now she sat on his face as he lay stretched out, his head buried in her sex, his rigid cock glistening in the sun.

Cat swam into shore, she crawled out of the water towards them, she dripped water on his body and he flinched with surprise. He continued his enjoyable task. Cat crept to his penis and took it in her mouth. She slurped and pleasured him until she could feel the tension in his legs and the rest of his body. Her friend fell off her perch; she sighed and laughed a little. Almost immediately the man’s body tensed a little more and she felt his dick grow even more substantial in her mouth. He came and the hot liquid spurted into her mouth, on her face, in her hair. She laughed and sat up still holding his cock in one hand. She dribbled saliva and semen onto her chin. He sat up. Cat turned to dive into the water again and refresh. She swam a few cool breast strokes under the water and came up for air. He sunned himself and looked as though he might nap. Cat duck dived towards the other woman and came up at her side. She cupped her breast playfully and kissed the pink nipple under the water. The other woman floated on her back, offering herself, clearly enjoying it. When at last they looked back to the shore he was by the swing, dressing. When they looked again he was making his way away from them, disappearing into the afternoon.

Now hours later and as they swam in the cool, knowing river water each woman thought of the day that had passed. Each had a cheeky half smile on her lips and a saucy glint in her eye.

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