Tuesday, May 11, 2010


The two of them met up for a third time. They had a strange relationship that could almost have been based on awkward silences, in-between moments and stolen glances that made the air thick with an undercurrent of hopeful misunderstanding, a ripening flavour.

The first time they had gone to a café and sat for a few hours. At first Mark had read most of the Saturday paper and Jaq had been tempted to get out her novel but to his credit a waiter had come between them offering to bring backgammon to the table. They had sipped endless tea and coffee and taken their shoes off and stroked each others legs. To the outside observer innocently engaging in backgammon. Jaq had sat for ages with her legs crossed, one calf resting against Mark’s thicker calf. She knew he must have been able to feel her touching him and she left it there, marveling at the exquisite pleasure she felt from such a small luxury.

She wanted to know he was equally excited, he seemed to shiver whenever she was too near to him; as they leaned across the counter and paid the bill together, as they left together and experienced an awkward moment at the narrow door. How to gauge his reactions when the man said so little?

Mark was a roof plasterer but he liked to work and he liked to keep himself fit. Not knowing what to say didn’t feel silly to Mark. He liked the simplicity of it. He wanted to get her into bed but knew he couldn’t just come out and say it, not if he wanted to ever see her again afterwards. He admired the way she held herself and pretended by being near him he wasn’t sending her a little crazy. He heard how her breath caught and how she thought about each breath if he got too close. With a coffee table, two full cups and a full backgammon board separating them he knew he had little chance of doing much more than they were, engaging in schoolyard tantalizing touches and the occasional meaningful look. She was good at them, he gave her that. Her meaningful look - the way she looked at him almost through her eyelashes with her head dipped so low, sipping coffee - this teased him more perhaps than it should. Her sipping was so suggestive it left him laden with possibilities. He felt himself thicken with blood.

He had clenched and unclenched his itching hands under the table, to help the moment pass. He knew he wanted her, and didn’t know whether it would be worth the effort. It was with these odds in mind that he suggested a second meeting.
They had gone to the movies but he hadn’t liked the film and as they had arrived at the cinema late their seats hadn’t allowed them the feeling of intimacy he thought they required. A third meeting seemed inevitable and now as he pulled his white HQ station wagon into the driveway the moment seemed to ripen.

She heard the tyres on the concrete of the drive and wet her lips in the hallway mirror. She wanted to take him to have lunch out of town. Jaq wanted to sit next to him on the vinyl bench seat and feel the strange sensation of his body vibrating next to hers. She wanted to enjoy the drive, have something to eat together and see where it took them.

They rode in silence, for a while, until the open road of the freeway stretched before them. Then he shifted his big hand from the gear chance to her lap, casually. He left his hand resting on her thigh. Jaq leaned in to tune the radio, she feigned concentration on the knobs and dials as she felt the pressure of his hand slide a little further up. She left the radio unattended. Jaq turned to look at his profile, and into the wind created by both of their windows being open she added
"That’s delicious”

“What?” he said, smiling

Jaq told him about her burger joint, she explained the turn offs to get there as they drove, his hands were firm on the thin black wheel and he drove lazily, sometimes looking at her through the corner of his eye, sometimes turning to her. They stopped in the middle of nowhere still on the freeway and he turned and kissed her. He muttered something about not being able to concentrate and gathered her up with one of his big arms and brought her to him.

At first he just planted firm kisses on her lips, lazily the same way he drove and she was disappointed. She had expected the snap and pop of fireworks as their lips were finally allowed to touch. On the plus side, he smelt great, like woodfires and coffee and he kept up the firm pressure of his insistent onslaught,turning his body so his right hand held her ribs, just under her breast. His soft kisses became something else as their mouths opened to one another. She grew bolder, feeling her way around the slippery crevices, the heat of her tongue caressing the inside of his lip.

Mark couldn’t help himself. He leaned in and slid his right hand up to where he wanted it to be, closed around her breast. He heard her tell-tale intake of breath, how she shifted as though to offer him more. With their mouths still touching, Jaq climbed onto him, kissed his neck, the unfamiliar stubble on his chin, she slid her slender hands around the back of his neck and applied pressure with her hips, wanting him. She felt him respond, the noise in the back of his throat accompanying the satisfying swelling she could feel against the soft flesh of her thigh.

She wanted his big hands all over her. He pushed her shirt up so he could look at her breasts, the black lace she wore made them sit so that they overflowed the cups, begging to be released, he could feel his cock against the heat between her legs, even though his jeans.

Outside the day darkened, although they hardly noticed. Jaq turned her attention to his pants, she flicked his belt buckle open with one hand, panting to undo the loop, the first button and his zipper. His eyes were dark with lust and she climbed off him.

“I want you to drive.” she said

“While I do this”

Jaq pulled her ti shirt over her head so that all she had left was her small skirt and her bra. He ate up the view appreciatively and started the car. As he pulled out of the emergency lane he noticed a light spatter of rain had collected on the windscreen. He forgot the weather just as quickly when she scooted over to him, pulled his shirt up a little. Jaq kissed his chest, her hot kisses leading her towards the top of his boxers. She ran a finger around the front of his waistline, just inside the rim of the material and his cock surged with blood. He tried to concentrate on the road.

As she released his penis from the confines of his clothes she stopped for a minute, admiring his sex, proudly at attention, a drop of pre-cum glistening at its head. She bent her head and licked it off. He jerked in his seat, taking a moment to reassert himself at the wheel. First she added moisture to the length of his shaft, licking around the head and down the sides to where she met the material of his jeans. Finally after Jaq felt she had sufficiently greased all of the surrounds she took his cock in her mouth, gripping the base with one hand.

At first she didn’t allow him the relief of sucking the whole thing, she merely teased, breaking her rhythm, not devouring much each time and waiting for a reaction. When she finally took Mark's entire length, the car seemed to accelerate.

“Oh God.”

Jaq ran her hand up his length and applied pressure with her lips. She established a rhythm and worked at it, loving the way he responded, the motion of the car, the craziness of the whole situation. For her part she felt the slick heat of desire in her knickers.

Dimly Mark became aware of the rain on the windscreen. At the first he turned the wipers on and strove to ignore it, the pleasure in his lap mounting, the warmth of her mouth, the noises of effort and arousal (he wasn’t sure which) as she sucked and cajouled his rock, hard cock. In the end he knew he had to pull over. Reluctantly Mark turned the wheel towards the emergency lane and Jaq sat up, wiping saliva from her chin

“What is it?”

“I can’t drive in the rain…like this”


Jaq sat quietly while he stopped the car, only lightly caressing his shaft, keeping her hold on him, allowing the drowsy effect of arousal to continued to fog his thoughts. He sat back after turning the engine off, hoping she would resume what she had been doing. Jaq didn’t. She threw a couple of glances at him, opened the passenger side door and stepped out of the car into the rain.

Mark didn’t follow. He wanted to see what she could do. He turned the wipers on. By now she was in front of the car, waving at him through the light rain. She stood in front of the bonnet and unclipped her bra, she threw it at the aerial and it caught and stayed. He laughed. She cupped her full breasts in her hands, the rain making her nipples stand to attention. She gently tuggeded first one, then the other, with a thumb and a forefinger. She bent over the bonnet and the rain came down heavier, her dark hair stuck to her neck. Water trickled all over her body.

Mark climbed out of the car. Jaq sprang up on the bonnet of the HQ and crawled like a cat away from him. He caught her ankles and not-so-gently pulled her around to face him. He pulled her by the calves 'til his hips touched her thighs. He didn’t say anything. His jeans were still undone.

Mark kissed her slippery rain-drenched lips. Shocked by the heat that raged inside her, he struggling to contain himself. Jaq merely wrapped her legs around him, locked her ankles and drew him closer, pulling his shirt off over his head, exposing the hard wall of his chest to the crazy, light pressure of rain. Mark bent his head and kissed her cold breasts, brought them warmth with his hands till he felt the heat of her body blazing under his touch. She ran her hands appreciatively over his chest, creating fire even as she shook.

Deftly he scooted her knickers to one side and thrust into her, almost pulling her free of the bonnet in his urgency. She held onto the car as he offered his full length to her soft folds. At the first stroke she threw her head back, let him take her. The cold metal under her arse heightening her senses, a contrast to her warm and welcoming centre, stretching to accommodate his length. He carefully came back for a second thrust, sending shudders through her. At first she twisted, reluctant to remain still, until he kissed her full on the mouth, passionately and Mark felt her melting under to his touch.

She allowed him to set the pace, sometimes leaning away from him, allowing rain to work its magic on her body, spreading its tantalizingly cold fingers over her figure.
After a while he picked her up, still connected at his cock and carried her to the back seat. He laid her down, disregarding the water on vinyl, leaving his feet outside the car. Here Mark fucked her without distraction. He felt her rising to the brink of orgasm, with his long strokes. Relief a first, from the cold pressure of rain at his back was soon joined by an overwhelming sensation of desire, urgency. She squirmed and clawed him closer and he slowed his tantalizing rhythmn

"Don't you like that?" Mark mocked quietly.

Her cheeks were flushed and she seemed bewildered at his attempt to curb her pleasure. Jaq nodded, unable to speak.

“Are you going to cum for me?”

She writhed, wanting him to continue at his relentless pace. Jaq mewed.

“What do you want me to do?”

His body was hot and heavy on top of hers

“Don’t stop.” She said

“I want... you to fuck me”

He picked up their pace once more and smiled with his teeth as her pleasure visibly increased. She made short, soft, happy noises with each stroke
“Like this?”

And relentlessly he said and picked up the pace again.

“Yes” she said, burying her face in his hair “Like….th”

Jaq couldn’t complete the sentence. She felt his length surge inside her, filling her even more. Just when she thought she couldn't take another moment,that she might stretch and break, shattering into stars if he offered her another pleasurable millimetre, he came, shuddering and making her shake from the inside out. She squealed appreciatively and she took Mark's full weight as he came to rest on her.

“Don’t get up just yet” She said softly “And don’t take it out.”

They waited a moment, as their breathing slowed, smiling.

“My legs are all wet, Babe” he said seriously and she giggled.

He untangled himself and got into the front seat, leaning over to look at her disheveled form.
“Did you like that?”

She stopped staring at the roof upholstery and propped herself up on one elbow to look at him.

“You're amazing” Jaq said and grinned.

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  1. Absolutely brilliant, I was enthralled by such a well written piece of erotic literature! Thank you (: